The countdown has started.

Update 3 – Feb. 8/16: Things are really falling into place with the new look. The new menu is working wonderfully and is a joy to use on mobile. The site is heavily optimized for phone and tablet so it’s going to be easy to browse on mobile browsers. I updated the Twitter account – changing the username to @rccink (from @createwithrc). I’m sure all four of you followers won’t mind.

Update 2 – Feb. 4/16: Changed direction last night on the menu system I had created. Going for something with a little less flash but a lot more function. Decision was made as I was browsing around, and I wanted to be able to access the menu from anywhere on site. Old menu was slick though. Kind of sad to see it go, but the site will be better for it.

Update 1 – Feb. 3/16: The new site is nearly finished! I’m pulling the old radiocontrolledcreative.com because I’m going to be tinkering with things things here into the weekend…and because, well, I’m not going to spoil it. Can’t wait to show you what’s behind the curtain!

Of course, in the mean time, you can always reach me at christopher@radiocontrolledcreative.com. I’m still here and things are in full swing.